Workplace Consultancy

Whether you are looking to relocate to a new building, take on additional space within an existing building or reorganise your existing space, considerable time and money could be saved by commissioning a workplace study prior to making this decision. Our consultants undertake a workplace study and conduct organisational appraisals at the outset of your plans. These studies will highlight how your current offices are operating and more importantly demonstrate whether they can be improved and if cost efficiencies can be made by space optimisation. We take into account your existing working practices, business culture, workstation layout and density, storage and filing requirements, future space requirements and any general business objectives you may have. The study will also help us to ascertain how the environment can support the strategic direction of your business. The conclusion could be that a relocation may not be necessary and that a refurbishment and/or a reorganisation of your existing space could prove to be the most cost and time effective solution for your business.

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